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Greater than 75% of our integration projects are in houses of worship.  Whether it’s replacing a single wireless microphone system or outfitting your new building with industry-standard audio, video, and lighting equipment, we’ve got you covered!  Each member of the A2B team is actively involved in various technical and musical ministries at their home churches.  Over the years, we’ve seen countless installs that are difficult for volunteers (and paid staff!) to use, installed in an unsafe manner, or are cookie-cutter “solutions” that cause more problems than they solve.  With our extensive experience and active church involvement, we know what it’s like to be in these situations and we’re here to help!


Free Quotes/Proposals

Need a new audio mixer, cameras, or lighting fixtures?  Let us know!  We offer free, no-obligation quotes and project proposals that include a site visit as part of the process.

Analysis Packages

Basic Analysis

If you’re with a small to medium-sized church that’s looking to make improvements, but you aren’t sure what to improve and how to do it, this is the package for you.  In addition to creating an inventory of your major audio, video, and lighting gear, we’ll provide you with a list of problem areas and some guidance for making changes.


This package is a great option for churches looking to make major improvements in the near or distant future.  In addition to a gear inventory and a report of problem areas, we’ll provide you with a future-proof quote and project proposal to get the upgrade process started.

COMPREHENSIVE Analysis & Replacement Plan

Nobody anticipates a flood, hurricane, fire, or power surge, but these things happen.  Very rarely are churches protected by the appropriate amount of insurance to replace their expensive gear.  In addition to Comprehensive Analysis, we’ll determine the current market value of your gear for insurance purposes and create a replacement plan!

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